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Point Barre.

Drones, Robots & IOT Project

On this project

  • UX Design
  • User tests
  • Staging
  • Tech lead
  • Realtime
  • IOT
  • Drone flight programming
  • Video production
  • Editing

This is a school project created whils I was in Gobelins. The theme was "culture" and the project had to use Drones, Robots and IOT. The final product was the defense in front of the jury.

We went from the french expression mettre de l'eau dans son vin ("pouring water in its wine") to explain how the romans made wine.

Tech challenges

We had to synchronize a lot of elements:

  • a drone
  • 2 robots
  • 3 ESP8266 running Arduino framework

As web developers, we chose WebSockets as our transport layer, and this allowed us to write the main controller in Javascript, a language we were already used to, so we could iterate fast.

The robot and the drone were controlled over BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) by iOS devices on an app written in Swift. On the other side, the ESP8266 were running the Arduino framework, programmed with a subset of C++.

Watch the Making Of

Video Thumbnail
During the whole project we were strongly encouraged to record videos to show the jury the processing involved in making everything happen. I was in charge of editing this making of. It had to be fun yet comprehensive.